The REST server can be started using the command line utility:

shaman-rest-server.exe path\to\connector.dll shaman-rest-server.exe MyConnector\*.cs

Which is located in %LocalAppData%\Shaman\bin.

The connector will be reloaded automatically whenever a change in the underlying source files (or DLL) is detected, unless you specify the /nowatch option.

The listening address can be specified using /prefix:http://localhost:80/api

You can disable JSON formatting (which is otherwise enabled by default) by adding a /optimize option.


In order to paginate the results, you must append ?continuation=(your continuation token) to the URL.


A specific sort order can be specified using the ?sort=(sort order) parameter. Possible values are:
  • newest
  • lastupdated
  • relevance
  • bestlasthour
  • besttoday
  • bestlastweek
  • bestlast10days
  • bestlast15days
  • bestlastmonth
  • bestlast6months
  • bestlastyear
  • bestever
  • oldest
The actually available sort orderds depend on the connector you are using.


It is possible to perform searched by adding a ?q=(search terms) parameter. Note that not all connectors support searching.

Loading fields

In order to load details before returning the entity to the client, it is possible to specify a ?load=field1,field2 parameter.