You can use the code editor if you wish to have more control over your connectors, or if you need to write procedural code for extracting some values. The editor provides syntax highlighting and code completion. On the lower panel, the following kinds of errors or warnings are displayed:
  • Standard C# compilation errors
  • Metadata errors (syntaxically incorrect CSS selectors or inconsistent relationships)
  • Dynamic verification errors (non-working extractions, HTTP errors)

The connector is re-compiled and re-checked every time you save the files (ctrl+s).

Because HTTP requests are cached for faster re-verification, keep in mind that in some cases you might want to select Connector > Clear cached responses in order to force a refresh.

Refer to the connector metadata introduction or the full library reference for more information.

Page inspector

From the Inspect menu, you can analyze all the pages that have been retrieved during the previous verification, run CSS queries and better understand the structure of the page:

Don't forget to share your connector when you're done!

You can now use the Query composer to dump, query or process your data, or to export it to other formats.